Roni Grandell

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Dance Instructor, WVHS

RoniMs. Roni’s entire life has been punctuated with some form of dance; from taking tap and ballet lessons at the age of 4 to owning a dance studio with over 200 students. In high school, she was captain of her dance team while teaching all styles of dance at a local dance studio.  She was heavily involved in the dance program and performed as a basketball cheerleader at Chico State University. While earning her secondary teaching credential in Physical Education and English at Azusa Pacific University, she continued to teach and study dance in any capacity she could.

After teaching in Southern California for 2 years, Ms. Roni moved back to Cottonwood with her husband, Greg, and her first daughter, Whitney. Immediately, she took on the role of Cheer Coach and also formed a Dance Team while substitute teaching at West Valley High School. Her second daughter, Brianna, was born in 1990. Both daughters have also followed in their mother’s footsteps by making dance and musical performance a huge part of their lives.

In 1992, Ms. Roni was hired to teach a single dance class at West Valley and she also started the Cottonwood Community Dance Program. Since then, the dance program at WVHS has grown to 3 classes, she opened Studio 8 Dance Company and has had the fantastic experience of creating choreography for over 25 musicals and dance productions. Roni hopes to continue sharing her passion for dance for many years to come.