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South Shasta County Youth Arts (SSCYA) features 4 formal vocal ensembles:

Children are promoted through the program, spending, on average. one to three years in each choir, based on their level of musical readiness. SSCYA choristers range in age from 6-18.

All choir and class activities adhere to the SSCYA supportive and nurturing tradition of excellence, both musically and vocally.

Each season, under the direction of Artistic Director, Nancy Dutton, and Choir Director, Amy Hughes, along with the SSCYA dedicated artistic staff, choristers:

  • Engage in a comprehensive program of vocal training and performance protocol in weekly rehearsals;
  • Learn to read musical notation and understand key musical concepts in weekly musicianship classes (through a six-level, sequential curriculum with professional instructors);
  • Receive exposure to foreign languages through repertoire study;
  • Explore text and music interpretation and acquire a solid education in music theory;
  • Learn to live for and love to SING!


Unless otherwise noted, each student is placed in the appropriate chorus through an audition with the SSCYA directing staff. Placement is based on musical and vocal readiness, emotional maturity, consistency of focus, attitude and leadership. Auditions are held each year for new singers as well as for those students wishing to advance to the next level chorus.

Placement is at the directors’ discretion.

Each chorus is designed to be a rewarding experience in its own right. Each chorus will maintain the highest standards of excellence, continue to develop musical and vocal skills and be an exciting learning environment.


  • Tuition covers high caliber musical instruction and vocal training, music materials, supplies and activities, small group instruction and accompanist’s fees and other chorus expenses.  High school ensembles do not have tuition. They will, however, have uniform costs and travel expenses. Tuition for the SSCCC ensembles does not cover uniforms, transportation or certain social activities costs or the cost of our yearly musical theatre production.


  • Concert Uniforms: SSCCC choristers are responsible for buying their own concert uniforms as specified on the uniform information sheet handed out at audition. This includes a formal concert uniform, rehearsal polo shirt and any other required uniform items necessary in each concert season. Choristers are also responsible for buying all tour uniform items. High school choristers are issued a uniform at the start of the school year. The uniform must be returned prior to the end of the school year in excellent condition or a bill will be issued.  The uniform must be returned if a high school student transfers to another class or school during the year. No grade will be given until the garment is returned.
  • Concert Tickets: It is expected that each SSCYA chorus family will purchase tickets to attend our Winter Concert and Spring Concert each school year. Families are encouraged to sell additional tickets to other family, friends and others interested in the art of children’s singing.
  • Other Expenses: Trips are charged separately from other expenses for the SSCCC Bel Canto Chorus and for the AUHSD Cantate Choir and Una Voce Chamber Choir only.