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CANTATE (DISTRICT CHOIR) is a non-auditioned high school mixed choir offered at both Anderson Union High School and West Valley High School. Students are evaluated as to their vocal ability and must be able to match pitch. However, no other musical knowledge is required to participate. Students will be required to participate in 4 performances during the school year.

  • Tuition: There is no tuition required for this group. However, students will be required to supply folders and black dress shoes. A Spring Trip will also be part of the choir curriculum and will be announced in September. Students will be responsible for transportation costs for this trip.
  • Rehearsals: Scheduled class rehearsals Monday through Friday during the regular school day. There will be 4 rehearsals outside the regular school day that will be required as part of the choir curriculum. Schedules will be given out within the first 2 weeks of school.