WVHS Dancers

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Beginning Dance (grades 9-12)

This one-year course provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge in the art of dance as well as experience daily exercise. The class will cover dance’s history and origin, cultural influences and progress through a general exposure to all styles of dance.

Students will be guided through daily practices in skills and technique, which will improve flexibility, muscle strength, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. This will provide a foundation for lifetime health and fitness.

This course also emphasis development of movement skills, self-image, personal growth and social development by providing various group projects and in-class presentations.

Intermediate/Advanced Dance (grades 10-12: placement at instructor’s sole discretion)

This one-year course will focus mainly on jazz dance choreography and performance. The course will progress from mostly teacher-directed activities and then move toward more student-motivated creations.

Throughout the course, students will develop a more intense emphasis on skills and technique than in Beginning Dance. All students in this class will be working on projects that will culminate in public performances such as school rallies, dance productions and community events.

These experiences will not only give the students opportunities for social interaction and collaboration, but they will provide a stronger sense of school and community involvement.