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A word from one of our volunteers on what Performing Arts programs mean to our youth…

“There have been numerous studies showing that young people develop skills in Performing Arts that are not replicated anywhere else. Students who participate in Performing Arts programs tend to generally have higher GPAs, better attendance records, lower dropout rates and fewer disciplinary problems than other students.

Performing Arts programs provide valuable lessons for many practical situations. Students learn teamwork, deadlines, presentation, working together, the rewards of hard work, self-discipline, building self-confidence and developing skills to handle tough situations. There are no time-outs, do-overs or home assignments in Performing Arts. Once a show starts, these young people have to see it through perfectly all the way to the end. These are all qualities the public expects students to learn so they become responsible adults and productive citizens.

Performing Arts fosters success later in life. Participation in Performing Arts is often a predictor of later success – in college, a career and becoming a contributing member of society.”

~ John Truitt
Director, V!VA Downtown Redding
Community Arts Director
SSCYA Development Consultant